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Artist Innovation




Pat Metheny's Orchestrion (See Pat Metheny's Orchestrion music video on the Strategy page)






Ted Nash (Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra) blends famous painters with original musical composition in Portrait in Seven Shades





"Music is born out of the inner sounds within a soul; all the music that was ever heard came from the inner silence in every musician." John McLaughlin, Jazz Fusion Guitarist and Composer

Effective Screen Design

Content should be well organized, uncrowded, balanced, and visually interesting.

Graphics and animation should be compelling, accenting the Web site design.

Keep navigation simple yet intuitive.



Create pleasant visuals complemented by a relaxed tone.

Maintain consistency and provide uniformity.

Rich media controls.


Use of Color

Achieve the delicate balance of color and texture along the hierachical structure.

Limit color usage to three or four colors per screen.

Use colors to capture the user's imagination while visiting the Web site.



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